[turba] Can not get birthday data from ldap contacts

Mehmet Giritli mgiritli at giritli.eu
Thu Feb 10 09:15:03 UTC 2011


I managed to get my ldap server hooked up with turba and everything,
except the birthday data is retrieved. Here is the segment from the "map
array" in the sources.php:

         'name' => 'cn',
        'firstname' => 'givenName',
        'lastname' => 'sn',
         'emails' => 'mail',
         'photo' => 'jpegPhoto',
        'category' => 'category',
        'alias' => 'displayName',
         'homePhone' => 'homephone',
         'workPhone' => 'telephonenumber',
         'cellPhone' => 'mobile',
         'otherPhone' => 'otherPhone',
         'homeAddress' => 'homepostaladdress',
        'otherAddress' => 'otherpostaladdress',
        'birthday' => 'birthDay',
        'anniversary' => 'anniversary',

Everything here which I manually added and is not there by default works
fine, except the birthday fields. I am very sure about the attribute
name in the ldap server, it is 'birthDay'. What could be the problem

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