[turba] vcard export for importing to Android phone

Harvey mail at harveybraun.com
Tue Jan 13 20:10:54 UTC 2015


Having a small problem with importing my Turba address book into an Android
phone regarding Categories (Tags).

And example export vcard from Turba looks like this;

UID:20150113112210.Yh3fOlMHeQAZTbu5CtOPWQ1 at horde.allianceqld.com.au
FN:John Doe
CATEGORIES:Motorbike, Diving

Note the space after the comma between the Categories. That is not
something I've added, it happens when there is more then one Tag exported.

When this contact is imported into the Android contact list the import
application imports the Categories as received including the space in front
of the second (or more) Category name.

If I take it further and do a 2 way sync back to the Turba address book a
new category is created for the one with the space in front of the name. It
then shows up in the Contact Tags as a new category with the extra space.
Then on the next sync I have a category with 2 spaces in front of the name
which when Turba exports it become 3 as the vcard includes a new space
after the comma... And so on...

I have checked the mysql data being created in Horde and each new space
does create a new tag in the column.

Any way to fix this??

Best regards

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