[turba] Problem displaying S/MIME certificate

Philipp Faeustlin philipp.faeustlin at uni-hohenheim.de
Fri Mar 16 16:41:18 UTC 2018

I'm using the latest horde version 5.2.22 from pear with Turba 4.2.21.

Displaying an S/MIME Public Certificate out of an ldap directory works 
in most cases, but not for all ldap entries.

For some entries I get the following error:

S/MIME Public Certificate:     Error parsing S/MIME certficate: 
error:0D07209B:asn1 encoding routines:ASN1_get_object:too long

I traced the error down to the function "toTurbaKeys" in 

I think this function does the mapping between ldap and turba 
attributes. In this function there is a "trim" function that's trimming 
my SMIME certificate. This seems to be the issue.

In most cases this is not a problem, but the value of the SMIME 
certificate ends with "<C1>P<E3>^HJ\\<E1><99>}ek^M", where trim seems to 
cut off "^M" resulting in an incomplete and invalid certificate.

Would it be possible not to trim every value?
Philipp Fäustlin

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