[whups] drop some tables

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 11:46:50 -0400

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org>:

> I think some of whups' tables should be dropped and their content
> hardcoded into the application. 

Hmm. Not often you hear that. :)

> That is at least priorities, types and states. There's no horde app that keeps
> such entries in their backend storage and it makes it difficult to translate 
> whups because we can't use gettext on the descriptions here. 

Hmm. I can see that translation is an issue, but the point of Whups is to be 
flexible; if you hardcode these, you severely limit the customizability of the 
application. We do need a management system for them, of course, but that won't 
be hard to do.


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck@horde.org>
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