[whups] drop some tables

Alex L admin@networkessence.net
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 11:22:22 -0500

Quoting Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck@horde.org>:

> Quoting Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org>:


> > such entries in their backend storage and it makes it difficult to
> translate 
> > whups because we can't use gettext on the descriptions here. 
> Hmm. I can see that translation is an issue, but the point of Whups is to be
> flexible; if you hardcode these, you severely limit the customizability of
> the 
> application. We do need a management system for them, of course, but that
> won't 
> be hard to do.

I agree. I think that translating the content might not be the best thing. That 
would almost be like translating subject lines and the body of emails in IMP. 
It would be reasonable to allow language preference of the system like 'Search 
Tickets', 'Create Ticket', etc. I believe the types and states of tickets are 
like a subject of an email and are a part of the content and should be native 
to how they were originally written and not translated.


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