[whups] Code update (numerous features)

Robert E. Coyle robertecoyle@hotmail.com
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 14:00:42 -0000

From: "Chuck Hagenbuch" <chuck@horde.org>

> > I have not seen whups_diff_111101-0431cst.txt applied to CVS for WHUPS. This
> > patch includes the updates in the whups_diff_111101-0431cst.txt diff and then
> > some.
> Alright, this is now committed. However:

Hang on.

Alex, just because you copied help.php to newuser.php and useradmin.php doesn't
mean you can change the copyright.  And $Horde$ is replaced by CVS, you can't
just change the filename and set the version to 0.0.

Why are we going back to having a special whups_users table?  I had this
in my original sources, but we both agreed that we should be using the Horde
Auth and Perms stuff for this and you yourself took the users table out.


And why the split of lib/Whups.php into two files just to change the sections shown
in the header of the page?  That's crazy - lib/Whups.php contains much more than
that so it's just made maintaining it a lot harder.


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