[whups] Code update (numerous features)

Alex Leverington admin@networkessence.net
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:44:57 -0600

First, I'd like to not I'm not a professional programmer, so if you think I 
might know something, I probably don't :)

Quoting "Robert E. Coyle" <robertecoyle@hotmail.com>:

> From: "Chuck Hagenbuch" <chuck@horde.org>
> >
> Hang on.
> Alex, just because you copied help.php to newuser.php and useradmin.php
> doesn't
> mean you can change the copyright.  And $Horde$ is replaced by CVS, you
> can't
> just change the filename and set the version to 0.0.

I didn't know about the version stuff, I haven't learned enough about CVS yet 
(and I've publicly announced that already).  I understand your concern on the 
copyright.  What should it be changed to?  I planned on redoing most everything 
in there...that's why I still left your name on there.  But...where have you 
been till now? (That wasn't in an accusing manner...I've been working on this 
and haven't gotten any feedback from you...)

> Why are we going back to having a special whups_users table?  I had this
> in my original sources, but we both agreed that we should be using the
> Horde
> Auth and Perms stuff for this and you yourself took the users table out.
> http://cvs.horde.org/diff.php/whups/lib/Whups.php?r1=1.4&r2=1.5&ty=h
> http://cvs.horde.org/diff.php/whups/scripts/backend/whups.sql?

Confusion and changing ideas.

Horde Auth and Perms, AND local user stuff will ALL be available and used.  
This will all be based on user set preferences, but support for all auth/user 
backend methods will be included (that's what I'm planning).

> And why the split of lib/Whups.php into two files just to change the sections
> shown
> in the header of the page?  That's crazy - lib/Whups.php contains much more
> than
> that so it's just made maintaining it a lot harder.

The file changes were only for infrastructure and a good idea of what is to 
come.  The WhupsPublic.php will massively change...also I copied 
WhupsPublic.php instead of copying details.php to detailsPublic.php.  Whups.php 
will be the backend for authenticated users and WhupsPublic.php will be the 
backend for Public (unauthenticated) users.  Are you starting to see what I was 
working towards?