[whups] sql query

Mathieu Arnold arn_mat@club-internet.fr
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 08:48:26 +0100

--On jeudi 7 mars 2002 01:18 +0100 Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> wrote:

> Zitat von Mathieu Arnold <arn_mat@club-internet.fr>:
>> Hi
>> I've been mucking out with the whole horde framework tonight, and, hum
>> the
>> sql queries are quite really mysql compliant, but not sql compliant.
>> I don't know how you could get around that because my patch makes it
>> pgsql/sybase/oracle compliant, but no more mysql compliant :)
>> maybe you could just not use concatenation and do it afterwards in
>> php...
> Do these DBs support the concat() function?

no, that's also a mysql kludge.
one day, mysql will disappears/be sql compliant, and everybody will get
enlightened, but until then... :)

Mathieu Arnold