[whups] Project Scope..

Andy Freeborough andy.freeborough@cozai.com
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 13:17:05 +0100

I was wondering if there is any project design documentation for Whups?  A
Functional Specification Document would be particularly useful, but any
indication of scope, etc. would be good.

I work for a company, Cozai, that does a lot of PHP dev work.  Horde has
recently just saved us potentially months of work by providing us with a
very good Intranet upgrade.  So, we think we should give something back, and
the Whups project seems to be the most interesting!

We're particularly interested in an overall project management suite.
Combining 'MS Project' style functionality with links into bug tracking,
source control, etc.  And links into our internal systems (extranet,
costing, etc.)

>From what I've read Whups seems to be the project for us!  So.. how can we

- Andy.