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Gary Weinreb gweinreb@rocksolidsystems.com
Mon Oct 28 20:25:03 2002

At 02:45 PM 10/28/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Quoting Gary Weinreb <gweinreb@rocksolidsystems.com>:
> > Would this work for a situation where a user manages "Projects" and Bugs",
> > i.e. uses the Whups framework to work with different contexts of data
> > structured the "whups way", say with a Module-level (in whups parlance)
> > setting which tells whups that one Module is in the "Bug" context and
> > displays a "Bug" interface, but another Module is a "Project" and
> > displays a "Project" interface, or is this just unreasonable.
>It makes sense for this kind of "theme" to be a per-module setting; the
>thing that would get really hairy is the search/query/reports interfaces,
>where you can deal with multiple modules at once, and if they were of
>different types...

It seem like the top-level setting for such interfaces would HAVE to offer 
the user to choose the "context/theme" of Modules to include, unless only 
one was being used, and/or defer to a default...

The personal context would be very different, i.e. I would think about Bugs 
differently, need info about Bugs Modules - Active Bugs in a different 
manner than I would think about, require info about Projects Clients - 
Active Projects...

Maybe we would want to think about these "themes" (I like "contexts" ) this 
way.  An admin could activate a "context" (other than a default) and we 
could generate a Horde:menu link for it, which could set a default 
"context" variable for all whups functionality through that link, including 
the "themes-like" interface functionality that Eric proposed, and limiting 
all search/queries/reports, actually, ALL interface and data interaction to 
this preset "filter"...

It seems that whups "Help" for these different "contexts" would also change 
tremendously.  How could this be handled?


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