[whups] Add login button for guests

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Tue Nov 12 01:25:26 2002

Quoting Mike Baptiste <mike@msbnetworks.net>:

> I buried this patch in a long email so it might have been missed.  This
> adds a login button to the top bar when guests are using whups.  This
> way you can bookmark or link to /horde/whups and login if you ned (vs
> going to /horde, logging in, and then clicking on the whups link every
> time.

We may want to eventually handle this differently, but for now I agree
something like it is needed, so this is committed - thanks.

In the future, can you submit diffs with -u, instead of -c?


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck@horde.org>
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