[whups] Using whups moving forward

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Tue Nov 12 02:00:35 2002

Quoting Mike Baptiste <mike@msbnetworks.net>:

> We're using IMP for backend authentication if that matters.  With WHups
> installed, we created a top level group called IT Support.  It never
> showed up.
> OK - so we threw in Nag and Mnemo which created two groups called
> nag:shares and mnemo:shares.  Suddenly THOSE showed up in teh group
> chooser in teh comment window.
> Well, on a lark, I create a group whups:IT Support and threw my users in
> there -viola!  They showed up.  Course even with this set, guests can
> still read the comments (I'm working on that)

Are you still having these problems? Groups seem to work fine for me...

> Oh yeah - I see the atatchment tables in teh DB - has any coding been
> done on this yet (I haven't had a chance to look yet)  This is one area
> we're hoping to tackle soon.  Has any thought been givin to using the
> new VFS stuff for attachments?  If not, should the attachment_body field
> be a long blob instead?

We should definitely use the VFS for any attachments. I've nuked the table
in CVS.

> Did't mean to unload - just have been busy getting whups up and running
> with our team and had queued a bunch of these up.

Not a problem at all - glad to hear your install is gathering steam!


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