[whups] WHUPS Status?

adam@morrison-ind.com adam@morrison-ind.com
Thu Nov 14 02:27:31 2002

>Whups obviously is not as mature as the above tools, but it 'works' in
>its current state, the outlook for it is bright, and being part of the
>Horde framework brings a LOT more to the table which for us was a hue
>plus.  We hope to create a user IT environment around Horde (WebMail,
>tickets, maybe even Kronolith with a MeetingMaker backend since we use
>this currently).

We currently have a VERY primitive intranet ticket system.  Since using other
Horde applications I've wanted to avoid "wasting" my time hacking on it since
the other Horde apps works so well, and integration is just a wonderful thing. 
I'll check this out of CVS and have a go at it.

>We currently have about 150 tickets in our system and are massaging the
>edges to deploy it across our IT group (right now only a couple of us
>are using it)
>Granted - Whups needs work to hit the next level - but many people are
>actively fixing and adding things along with Chuck.
>Stuff we hope to work on:  Better reportng, customer profiles (driven
>through Turba and maybe an LDAP backend), 

We are a very LDAP intensive organization,  which is one reason we like Horde &
turba so much.  Basically everything here (authentication, mail routing, contact
management, DNS, etc... runs through LDAP).  I'm the author of the LDAP
presentation at ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf

>more flexible notification
>settings, expanding 'listeners', attachments, and additional fields for

Attachments would be wonderful, something our in house system doesn't do.

>custom ticket types (things like Platform, OS, and whatever other
>attributes you might need)

A field for "asset number" is critical to us.

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