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Mike Baptiste mike@msbnetworks.net
Tue Nov 26 19:14:53 2002

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Couldn't this be handled by creating a due date attribute using Rob's
new code?  I'd expect at some point this type of field would be tied
into workflow. Are there plans to include attribute checks in workflow
routines?  If so, then it lets folks add attributes they know might
affect workflow now instead of waiting for the workflow code to be

As for state catagories - don't we already have that with Unassigned,
New, Assigned, and Resolved?


Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

| Quoting Jeff Clark :
| >I noticed that quite a few people are using whups for project management
| >and I would like to do the same.  For the most part everything seems to
| >be geared to do that, but there's no way to specify a "due date" for a
| >particular ticket (or task).  Is this something that's planned or being
| >worked on?  If not, I'd like to take a stab at it if someone could point
| >me in the right direction.
| I don't know of anyone working on it, but I can certainly see it being
| useful. Other people's thoughts?
| >Also, how about the ability to add state categories?  Is this something
| >that would be usefull to anyone?
| I'm unclear what you mean by this. We already have something of that name,
| though...
| -chuck
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