[whups] due date

Brian Keifer brian@valinor.net
Tue Nov 26 21:25:55 2002


> > > be geared to do that, but there's no way to specify a "due date" for a

> > > particular ticket (or task).  Is this something that's planned or being

> > > worked on?  If not, I'd like to take a stab at it if someone could point

> > > me in the right direction.

> >

> > I don't know of anyone working on it, but I can certainly see it being

> > useful. Other people's thoughts?


> Yes, good idea.  However, I think adding this to the search results table

> will

> make it too cramped, so I would like to see the ticket due date replace the


This touches on an idea I had a while back.  Since I haven't had time to attempt 
an implementation, I'll throw it out to the list:  Why not have the search 
result columns user-definable a la Horde's summary boxes.  The user would be 
presented with a list of available columns and would be able to select which 
ones they actually cared about.  My organization doesn't really care about the 
'version' field, but a due date would be a welcome addition.

It's still on my list-o-things-to-do, but if someone else gets to it first, I 
won't be too disappointed. =)


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