[whups] Guest users

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Wed Nov 27 15:24:22 2002

Quoting "Robert E. Coyle" <robertecoyle@hotmail.com>:

> I've been playing with the guest services of whups.  Overall, it looks
> great, I have just a couple of comments:

Thanks for checking this out!

> First, a page to email a user's password to them should be added (this
> will require storing the password in the database plain text, so a note
> stating that the password isn't very secure should be added).

Actually, with the below changes, I don't think passwords are necessary
anymore. Let me know if you disagree.

>   User's recommended priority:  1 - High
> That way, guests can see that they're having some effect, the real users
> can get the guest's thoughts, and it won't interfere with the search
> results when ordering by priority.

Okay, take a look at what I just committed. I didn't see a need to restrict
the above to password-protection, since anyone can add a comment anyway, so
I took out the passwords entirely.


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