[whups] Guest users

Robert E. Coyle robertecoyle@hotmail.com
Tue Nov 26 19:30:40 2002


I've been playing with the guest services of whups.  Overall, it looks great,
I have just a couple of comments:

First, a page to email a user's password to them should be added (this will
require storing the password in the database plain text, so a note stating
that the password isn't very secure should be added).

Second, guest users should not be able to set the priority of tickets, assign
tickets, or set the state of tickets, regardless of whether they created the
ticket or not.  These actions can only reasonably be done by the users
responsible for the modules.  However, the guests should feel that the have
control over their tickets, so I would like to see the priority form remain
but instead of actually setting the tickets, it justs add a line to the
comment eg.

  User's recommended priority:  1 - High

That way, guests can see that they're having some effect, the real users
can get the guest's thoughts, and it won't interfere with the search results
when ordering by priority.


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