[whups] Re: demo site?

Derek Agar derekagar at acctware.com
Fri May 30 12:15:32 PDT 2003

>>I looked at the thread on More Design Thoughts, yes I am specifically
>>looking for something for software management and I am curious how far
>>along whups is to 1.0?
> It's getting there. We'd need to know more about your needs to give more of
> an answer than that...

Well, I am wanting todos, bugtracking, feature request, and a project knowledge 
base that would do some tie in with CVS.
Some bonus things would be a tie in to time tracking, and some light project 
management gnatt chart thingies. (like I said that would be bonus and not needed)
I am currently using a simple access database for tracking todos feature 
requests and bug fixes, but it is very simplistic.

What are the current features of whups now?

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