[whups] Re: demo site?

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun Jun 1 01:59:59 PDT 2003

Zitat von Derek Agar <derekagar at acctware.com>:

> > Well, Nag does todos, Whups does bugs and could easily do feature
> requests,
> > and we're working on a knowledge base thing. What kind of CVS
> integration?
> As for CVS integration, that is hard to explain, but I will try.
> Currently I am using VSS for my VB program.  VSS lets me put in comments
> when I
> do a check in and also when I tag a release.  Now I track my bugs/feature
> requests in a separate access database.  To me it seemed redundant to put
> comments in both places for a check in/tag.  Maybe what I am looking for
> is the
> check in and tag comments to be part of the whups or for whups to link to
> those.
> (I have not used CVS, so I am not sure of its features.)
> ie: ver 1.x.x has changes referenced in tracking_id 1234, 9879078,
> 089089, ...
> and then also the other way
> feature request 1234 was fixed in ver 1.x.x
> Most of the time I am a lone developer.  I do some big projects (for 1
> person),
> but small/medium as well.  I would like it to be split into projects with
> each
> project having its own knowledge base (that is important especially if I
> am
> doing maintenance on something that I have not touches in 4 years), cvs
> repository, feature requests/bug fixes, todos.  (I don't think a master
> todo
> list is good unless it can be assigned to a project)

This should be possible with a smart cvs script that calls some whups
functions by rpc. The PHP folks for example use some special format for
their commmit messages where some parts of the message get extracted
automatically inserted into the changelog and the NEWS file.
You can create a similar script that calls a modified version of
scripts/rpctest.php that calls the correct whups api method to change a
tickets state based on what you wrote in your commit message.


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