[whups] Re: demo site?

Derek Agar derekagar at acctware.com
Sat May 31 19:00:44 PDT 2003

> Well, Nag does todos, Whups does bugs and could easily do feature requests,
> and we're working on a knowledge base thing. What kind of CVS integration?

As for CVS integration, that is hard to explain, but I will try.
Currently I am using VSS for my VB program.  VSS lets me put in comments when I 
do a check in and also when I tag a release.  Now I track my bugs/feature 
requests in a separate access database.  To me it seemed redundant to put 
comments in both places for a check in/tag.  Maybe what I am looking for is the 
check in and tag comments to be part of the whups or for whups to link to those.
(I have not used CVS, so I am not sure of its features.)

ie: ver 1.x.x has changes referenced in tracking_id 1234, 9879078, 089089, ...
and then also the other way
feature request 1234 was fixed in ver 1.x.x

Most of the time I am a lone developer.  I do some big projects (for 1 person), 
but small/medium as well.  I would like it to be split into projects with each 
project having its own knowledge base (that is important especially if I am 
doing maintenance on something that I have not touches in 4 years), cvs 
repository, feature requests/bug fixes, todos.  (I don't think a master todo 
list is good unless it can be assigned to a project)

I hope I made sense.
Thanks for your time.

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