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Bo Daley bo at tilda.com.au
Sun Jul 20 19:06:43 PDT 2003

Quoting Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org>:

> Quoting Bo Daley <bo at tilda.com.au>:
> > I just tried using the old links to see how they react to this change. At
> > present they don't interfere with the new links as they use different keys
> > (tickets use 'ticket_id', and modules use 'module_id' so they stay out of
> > each other's way ).
> Okay...


> > But in the longer term the Links API probably needs to be upgraded to
> support
> > applications that provide more than one type of object. I'll take a look at
> > this soon... (if no one else gets in first)
> Cool. But how is this different from what you describe in the first
> paragraph?
> Would there only be problems with using the same key name, and shouldn't the
> key name always be different for different objects? Slightly confused...

sorry I wasn't being entirely clear here.. the current code will work for the
time being (as the key names are different).

What I was referring to is the fact that Links expects applications to have a
single string value for 'provides' in the Horde registry. There are already
several Horde apps that have multiple values for 'provides' inside an array in
registry.php. It would probably be cleaner if the Links API could handle the
arrays too. Jeroen pointed this out once before.



Bo Daley
Tilda Communications
bo at tilda.com.au

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