[whups] Whups Help Desk

Mike Bydalek mbydalek at mobilemini.com
Fri Jul 23 10:12:46 PDT 2004

Reading through the bug & enhancement pages, I came across this
http://bugs.horde.org/details.php?id=308 which got me thinking...

I know Whups is designed to be very flexible, but one thing that it
currently isn't really setup for is a "Help Desk" type application.
Everything is there for this to happen, but there are certain things
hardcoded that prevent this from being a viable competitor to products like
Heat, or whatever else.  I've been basically hacking at the code the past
couple weeks mainly in terms of changing all of the $client arrays to just
be 1 value, and have made assumptions that it will be 1 value.  We have
1000+ employees who will be using this, so doing a getClients() every time
would stink!

I'm just curious as to what you all think about this.  Should a Whups fork
be made? Or would it be better to implement this into the current
functionality with some config options?  I've done a lot of work and would
hate not to contribute it back, so that's why I'm bringing this up.

If you want specifics on why I've had to change things, and what I've
changed, I can do this without a problem.  What I have setup for us is for
people to goto http://helpdesk and be presented with the New Ticket. They
then type in their Windows Login Name, which then pulls all their
information from Turba by appending our domain to whatever they type in.
This was the main change and currently couldn't be done, plus is necessary
because the goal was to make this is simple as possible for our internal



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