[whups] Whups Help Desk

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Fri Jul 23 14:42:54 PDT 2004

Quoting Mike Bydalek <mbydalek at mobilemini.com>:

> I'm just curious as to what you all think about this.  Should a Whups fork
> be made?

I doubt it.

> Or would it be better to implement this into the current
> functionality with some config options?  I've done a lot of work and would
> hate not to contribute it back, so that's why I'm bringing this up.

Config options are good; I have no idea without seeing your code.

> If you want specifics on why I've had to change things, and what I've
> changed, I can do this without a problem.  What I have setup for us is for
> people to goto http://helpdesk and be presented with the New Ticket. They
> then type in their Windows Login Name, which then pulls all their
> information from Turba by appending our domain to whatever they type in.
> This was the main change and currently couldn't be done, plus is necessary
> because the goal was to make this is simple as possible for our internal
> users.

How would you propose to integrate that into the current Whups code?


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