[whups] Whups and "client list"

Jason M. Felice jfelice at cronosys.com
Tue Aug 17 12:13:14 PDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 09:13:24PM +0200, Joaquim Homrighausen wrote:
> Are there any thoughts on having some sort of general client configuration in
> regards to Whups, one that does not rely on an addressbook?
> If I have two queue "operators", it seems like they both need to have their
> stuff in synch in regards to clients (i.e. "Company INC" should probably look
> like that regardless of who's entering a ticket, and not depend on someone's
> personal preference in regards to spelling).
> This is an environment where each user has one (localsql) addressbook.

It sounds like you don't know that you can make a public addressbook.
In turba/config/sources.php, set the localsql addressbook to public.  Or
if you want the users to still have their own private address books,
copy the localsql definition and make a new public addressbook
specifically for clients.

> -Joaquim

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