[whups] Some questions about whups

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Fri Jan 21 05:35:49 PST 2005

Im using the most uptodate versions of Horde/Imp/Whups/Passwd/Turba. 
What I am wondering is I would like to be able to remove the option for 
query builder, search, and reports from the menus of the users and 
Tech's, But still have it available for Top Level Tech's.  Id also like 
to be able to remove from the main frame the my assigned tickets from 
the users view.

This would allow me to clean up alot of un-wanted clutter on the upper 
menu. (Id Like it to be as clean as possible.) One more thing about 
whups, When the tickets are made there is no owner added to the ticket. 
How to I activate that portion?


Johnny Brent

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