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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
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Please keep replies on the list.

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Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting BMC News Catcher <news at bodmodculture.com>:
>> Im using the most uptodate versions of Horde/Imp/Whups/Passwd/Turba.
>> What I am wondering is I would like to be able to remove the option for
>> query builder, search, and reports from the menus of the users and
>> Tech's, But still have it available for Top Level Tech's.
> This could all be done with judicious addition/use of permissions.
> Clean patches
> welcome.

Hmm... How would I go about doing this. Im real new to the horde
software. And Pretty new to PHP as well.

>> Id also like to be able to remove from the main frame the my assigned
>> tickets from the users view.
> I'd like to make that page just another collection of blocks, which
> would let
> you do this.

What files would I need to look at or Edit to make this happen? Or how
hard would this be to accomplish?

>> This would allow me to clean up alot of un-wanted clutter on the upper
>> menu. (Id Like it to be as clean as possible.) One more thing about
>> whups, When the tickets are made there is no owner added to the ticket.
>> How to I activate that portion?
> Only people with edit access to the queue can assign tickets, and only
> tickets
> created in an assigned state (instead of new) can be assigned on
> creation.
> There is no concept of default owners yet. Clean patches are welcome.
> -chuck

Okay Cool, How do i set the permissions and default states to add the
owner of the ticket in?
I might be missing somthing but maybe we need to come up with a file for
setting up permissions,
a guide to permissions per say. I dont know just an idea.


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