[whups] Ticket grading

Rodion Serebryakov rserebryakov at browncorp.com
Wed Aug 10 15:52:03 PDT 2005


I haven't found any info on this concept in list archives or bugs, so I 
wanted to ask if anyone has considered adding some form of ticket 
grading to Whups?

The idea is that once the ticket is resolved, the requester has an 
option to rate his satisfaction by assigning a grade.

This would add a whole new dimension to the kinds of reports that can be 
generated, and would aid in performance measurement for individuals or 
whole departments.

Just thoughts:

* There could be several grades assigned to each ticket over its life, 
and they could be used to build per-ticket performance graphs.  For this 
  to be possible, the ticket would have to be closed and re-opened 
several times, or the restriction that a grade can only be assigned upon 
ticket's completion needs to be lifted.

* Per-queue grade could be average of each ticket's final grade or 
average of each ticket's average.

* Update form: if user is requester and state is changed to Completed, 
the form gets a Grade dropdown, which may or may not be optional

* Both Comment and Update forms get a Grade dropdown if user is 
requester and the ticket is already Completed (by owner)

* When ticket is Completed and no grade is assigned (by owner), the 
notification email sent to the requester invites him to review the 
ticket and grade it (see previous thought)

* Universal grade scale for the back end that is mapped to various 
per-queue scales.  What I mean here is, for example, the database stores 
all grades as a number between 0 and 1000, and some queues could use "A= 
1000, B=750, C=500 ..." scale, and others - "100%=1000, 90%=900, ..." scale.

I would love to hear what you think, and to know if there's any on-going 
effort in this area that I may join.

And to everyone contributing to Horde - THANKS! It's AWESOME!


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