[whups] Selectively removing LDAP capabilities

Robert Kennedy robertk at motown.cc.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 11 07:24:05 PDT 2005

I am running Horde 3.0.6-cvs and Whups 1.0-cvs under Apache 2.0.52/PHP
4.3.9 on RHEL v4.  Everything has gone fairly well.  I am authenticating
against an OpenLDAP server, which is working fine.

When I go to edit a ticket queue and edit the users responsible it gives
me a drop down list of users scavenged from LDAP to add.  Given the scope
of the ou we are authenticating against, I would prefer it to simply use
the text-entry field that it defaulted to when I had not set up LDAP

I poked around and modified framework/Auth/Auth/ldap.php and set the
'list' capability to false.  This did not have the intended result.  I
inserted some debug code to dump out what whups/lib/Admin.php thought the
ldap driver capabilities were.  The values returned looked like the
default ones from Auth/ldap.php before I modified it.

Is there another place that I should be looking to disable ldap driver

Robert Kennedy

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