[whups] Good Morning!

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Aug 22 07:40:50 PDT 2005

Zitat von MBurns at mobilemini.com:

> I recently took over as Network Admin and my predecessor used Whups for our
> helpdesk system.  Unfortunately, I know little to nothing about this
> application.  It seems to be working fine but I do need to make some
> administrative changes to who can take tickets and who automatically get
> assigned tickets.  I am assuming there is some sort of administrative
> interface, but am not sure where to go from here.  Can a kind hearted person
> give me some pointers?  A doc file would be a great place to start!

You can configure and administrate Whups if logging in as an admin. You 
define admins in Horde's configuration. To configure Horde you need to 
login as an admin. :-D
But you can also edit the admins manually in horde/config/conf.php, in 
the $conf['auth']['admins'] item.


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