[whups] Assigning permissions

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Sun Feb 5 16:43:26 PST 2006

Quoting Jason Dixon <jason at dixongroup.net>:

> I figured that much, but I just don't grok how the permissions in Horde
> actually work.  Can you expand on how these work?  When would you need
> to create a Child Permission?  How do you edit existing permissions
> without locking  yourself out?  :)

By, well, not locking yourself out? Or by using an admin account,  
which will have permissions anyway.

You create child permissions when you want a finer-grained level of control.

> I tried to add a Child Permission to Assign or Update, it tells me that
> "No children can be added to this permission".

Right, there aren't more precise levels under those. The UI should be  
better about that, obviously, but otherwise that's fine.

> If I try to add a Child
> Permission to Documentation, it offers "Assign" and "Update" from the
> Permissions drop-down, but then tells me that they cannot be created;
> they already exist.

Again, we could be better about not offering the option when it isn't  
valid, but that's all correct.


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