[whups] Trying to use whups for Horde problem reports

Lars Stavholm stava at telcotec.se
Tue Dec 26 12:15:40 PST 2006

Anders Norrbring wrote:
> Lars Stavholm wrote:
>> Anders Norrbring wrote:
>>> Lars Stavholm wrote:
>>>> Anders Norrbring wrote:
>>>>> Hi.
>>>>> I'm trying to use whups for problem reporting in the Horde framework,
>>>>> but I don't have much success with it.
>>>>> In my horde/config/conf.php I have this:
>>>>> $conf['problems']['ticket_params'] = array('queue' => 1, 'state' => 1,
>>>>> 'priority' => 1, 'type' => 1);
>>>>> $conf['problems']['tickets'] = true;
>>>>> When I click a problem report button, I'm taken to the form to enter a
>>>>> problem description, name and e-mail address, I expected to find
>>>>> myself
>>>>> in a ticket entry form?
>>>> I think that the Problem Report and Tickets (Whups) are two
>>>> different things. The Problem Report is available even without
>>>> whups, as you could see in the new horde-webmail bundle.
>>>> When it comes to whups, I just tried out the CVS version from
>>>> 2006-12-19, and that worked to some extent, but not all the way.
>>>> I could set up queues and ticket types and whatnot, I could even
>>>> register a new ticket, db handler complained, but the ticket
>>>> shows up in the whups_tickets database table, but not in any
>>>> Ticket Searches.
>>> Yes, they're indeed different, however, if you go to Administration ->
>>> Setup -> Horde and then Problem Reporting, they even list example for
>>> using Whups with the problem reporting.. I did some Googling on it, and
>>> found notes from 2005 where the developers discussed how to enable this
>>> functionality, so my guess is that it can be done.. ;)
>> I just tried that, and after the setting you mentioned
>> above, the Problem Report does actually create a proper
>> ticket, whereas the user interface is still the standard
>> Problem Report one.
> Hmmm... I must have some error in the settings somewhere, Can you please
> share yours?

Sure, no probs, but I'm not sure what you need, so here's a start:

root at winnie;291# cat whups/config/conf.php
// $Horde: whups/config/conf.xml,v 1.31 2006/09/06 23:29:57 mdjukic Exp $
$conf['tickets']['params']['driverconfig'] = 'horde';
$conf['tickets']['driver'] = 'sql';
$conf['guests']['captcha'] = false;
$conf['mail']['from_addr'] = 'support at telcotec.se';
$conf['mail']['reply'] = true;
$conf['mail']['commenthistory'] = 'new';
$conf['mail']['incl_resp'] = true;
$conf['mail']['server_name'] = 'group.telcotec.se';
$conf['mail']['server_port'] = 80;
$conf['mail']['username'] = 'support';
$conf['prefs']['autolink_terms'] = 'bug|ticket|issue';
$conf['prefs']['assign_all_groups'] = false;
$conf['menu']['apps'] = array();
$conf['states']['1']['name'] = 'Unconfirmed';
$conf['states']['1']['desc'] = 'A ticket has been reported but not yet
$conf['states']['1']['category'] = 'unconfirmed';
$conf['states']['1']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['states']['2']['name'] = 'Accepted';
$conf['states']['2']['desc'] = 'The ticket has been analyzed and
accepted as valid.';
$conf['states']['2']['category'] = 'new';
$conf['states']['2']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['states']['3']['name'] = 'Assigned';
$conf['states']['3']['desc'] = 'Someone has accepted responsibility for
the ticket.';
$conf['states']['3']['category'] = 'assigned';
$conf['states']['3']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['states']['4']['name'] = 'Resolved';
$conf['states']['4']['desc'] = 'The ticket has been resolved.';
$conf['states']['4']['category'] = 'resolved';
$conf['states']['4']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['states']['5']['name'] = 'Canceled';
$conf['states']['5']['desc'] = 'The ticket is no longer valid for one
reason or another.';
$conf['states']['5']['category'] = 'resolved';
$conf['states']['5']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['states']['6']['active'] = 'inactive';
$conf['states']['7']['active'] = 'inactive';
$conf['states']['8']['active'] = 'inactive';
$conf['priorities']['1']['name'] = '1. Low';
$conf['priorities']['1']['desc'] = 'This is a very low priority ticket';
$conf['priorities']['1']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['priorities']['2']['name'] = '2. Medium';
$conf['priorities']['2']['desc'] = 'This is an important task, but not
$conf['priorities']['2']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['priorities']['3']['name'] = '3. High';
$conf['priorities']['3']['desc'] = 'This ticket is very urgent';
$conf['priorities']['3']['active'] = 'active';
$conf['priorities']['4']['active'] = 'inactive';
$conf['priorities']['5']['active'] = 'inactive';
$conf['priorities']['6']['active'] = 'inactive';
$conf['hooks']['attributes'] = false;

Let me know if you need anything else.

>>> I pulled cvs today (2006-12-26), and even built a RPM for SUSE Linux
>>> from it. I can't complain about anything about the module itself so far,
>>> it lists tickets, they're searchable and editable. But I haven't digged
>>> deeply into it yet.
>> Well, I haven't succeeded in getting it going properly, I get DB errors
>> and Ticket not found (despite the fact that they're there in the db).
>> If you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd be interested in how you built
>> the rpm. We build our own rpm's as well (SuSE Linux 10.1), but
>> obviously, I've done something wrong with the whups part.
> Check out my repositary at
> ftp://ftp.norrbring.com/pub/linux/inst-source/ there are both noarch and
> src RPMs for the whups I'm testing with right now.. :)

OK, thanks, I'll have a look.


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