[whups] Trying to use whups for Horde problem reports

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Tue Dec 26 18:28:26 PST 2006

Quoting Muskingum Web Manager <webmgr at muskingum.edu>:

>> Right. The point is you can feed problem reports into the ticket
>> system instead of having end users deal with the ticket system.
> Actually, I prefer the more limited Problem Report form since I
> haven't directly given any access to the Whups module to my general
> users.

Aaron, that's the point of this option. If you have Whups, or anything  
in fact that provides a tickets/addTicket API method, you can choose  
to send problem reports to it. The form doesn't change; the backend  
code just sends the report to the API method instead of to an email  

> For certain, you'll want to use Administration > Permissions to
> establish the appropriate rights to Tickets if you want users to use
> the standard ticket create method... You might consider modifying
> your problem report page to redirect to the ticket submit page and
> just maintain that file on your own.

See above.


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