[Bug 872] New - webmail vs. UTF folder names / display

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+ Bug#: 872
+ Product: Horde
+ Version: other
+ Platform: All Browsers
+ OS/Version: All
+ Status: NEW   
+ Resolution: 
+ Severity: trivial
+ Priority: P5
+ Component: IMP
+ Area: BUILD
+ AssignedTo: chuck@horde.org                            
+ ReportedBy: webmail-dev@mit.edu               
+ URL: 
+ Summary: webmail vs. UTF folder names / display
+ Hello, one of our users reported issues with UTF - I'm sending our last email 
+ exchange below - I can give you more details if needed.
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+ "The Unicode text issue can be subdivided into the topics of whether Unicode 
+ messages are handled reasonably, and whether Unicode folder names are handled 
+ reasonably. The newer IMP version on lava-lamp handles Unicode messages 
+ acceptably, but has no improvement in how it  handles Unicode folder names.
+ When reading my UTF-8 test message, the newer IMP warns me "This message was 
+ written in a character set other than your own. If it is not displayed 
+ correctly, CLICK HERE to open it in a new window." Following the suggestion to 
+ open a new window works fine; the message text in the new window is displayed 
+ properly. Not terribly elegant, but it's good enough.
+ Folder behavior is still broken -- IMP continues to insert raw double-width 
+ characters, unprotected, into the HTML stream. The browser renders the 
+ double-width character as a pair of single-width characters, destroying the 
+ original meaning. It is also near-impossible to use IMP to read a Unicode-named 
+ folder; IMP generates web pages with lists of folders, but none of the 
+ Unicode-named folders are given working hyperlinks, so there's no clickable 
+ path.
+ For some folders, I can hand-craft a magic URL that will take me to the folder 
+ (I can use "%00%c0" to go to my folder named ""). For other folders, I cannot 
+ (I can't use "%20%1cBullet%20%1d %20%22" to go to my folder named ""Bullet" 
+ o").
+ If the IMP developers are open to suggestions, I would suggest that IMP use 
+ html character references in the places where it wants to display text to the 
+ user. To diplay an "", put "" in the html. To display ""Bullet" o", put 
+ ""Bullet" o" in the html.
+ The question of how to encode folder names in the HREF of an hyperlink is 
+ harder to answer. It seems like the developers would save themselves a lot of 
+ trouble by encoding names with the same modified UTF-7 scheme that the IMAP 
+ protocol uses, but I'm ignorant about whether there would be a conflict between 
+ ampersands (&) as used by rfc2060 to mark the start of an encoding and 
+ ampersands as used by IMP to separate arguments to /horde/imp/mailbox.php.
+ -- 
+ Jacob Morzinski jmorzins@mit.edu"
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