[dev] IMP: Show localized INBOX-name instead of "INBOX"?

Malte Wedel ich at malte.de
Tue Jun 8 06:59:14 PDT 2004

Hello Joel,

Zitat von Joel Vandal <jvandal at infoteck.qc.ca>:

> Only have a few _( ) and add in the .po file and add default folders name
> (ex. INBOX, draft, sent-mail, trash).... about ~10-20 lines of diffs...

I would be very careful with localizing anything but INBOX: "INBOX" is the only
folder name that is fixed by specification and cannot be renamed on the server.
All other folders can be freely renamed.
I found three places in RELENG, where the display labels are set, and where the
localization of "INBOX" can be done. These are all in imp/lib: IMP.php
(setLabel), Folder.php and Tree.php. In HEAD its a little more complicated,
because of the framework-modules. 


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