[dev] IMP: Show localized INBOX-name instead of "INBOX"?

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at linuxquebec.com
Tue Jun 8 11:23:46 PDT 2004

Eric Rostetter wrote:
> Quoting Malte Wedel <ich at malte.de>:
>>> And how do you intend to handle the case where a user *has* a folder 
>>> of the
>>> translated name? Just hide it? Rename it for them?
>> You can always find broken scenarios, if you want to find them. In
> Yes, and it is very easy in this case...  For example, I login and the
> default is English.  I send a mail, and it creates a folder called 
> "sent-mail"
> for me.  Now I say hey, look, here's how I change my language to French!
> Now my "sent-mail" folder is translated in IMP, but not on the system, and
> maybe or maybe not in my identity, and, well, chaos rules...  Next thing
> it may or may not create a new sent-mail in French, may or may not use one
> or the other, I may or may not understand why there are multiple folders
> to do the same thing, etc.

We are not talking about localizing sent-mail, draft, etc.  We are 
talking about localizing the string "INBOX".

BTW, most MUA (including IMP) can be configured to use specific folder 
for sent mail, draft, etc.  Thus, it is entirely possible to create 
folder localized properly for these usage, and configure the MUA to use 

> In other words, localizing folders becomes a pain as soon as the user
> switches languages.

No.  MUA (including IMP) use folders it have been configured to.  Only 
Inbox need to be localized.  You connect in French, you see a folder 
called "Boîte de réception" where incoming mail is located.  You switch 
to English, the incoming mail folder is displayed as "Inbox" instead. 
It's entirely transparent to the user, and actually make a lot of sense.

BTW, this is what most non-English MUA do already.

> Now, imagine the same situation but I use two different IMAP-based e-mail
> clients, that each localize things differently...

This is unrelated to IMP, but yes this is already a problem we have to 
live with.  The solution is to adopt a convention, and configure your 
MUA appropriately.  Again, this have nothing to do with the localization 
of "INBOX" in IMP.

>> case you describe, I would suggest just to show both folders with the 
>> same
>> name. Since the internal name is different, imp does not have a 
>> problem with
> I would hate to see two folders shown with the same name!  How would I know
> which was which?  Which mail was in which?  At first glance, I'd surely
> think it was a bug and complain about it.

This is a very unlikely event.  Very, very unlikely.  How many of your 
users would want to create a folder called "Inbox" ?  I have that many 
users who would want to create a folder called "Boîte de réception".
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