[horde] can imp do imap over ssl ?

Frank Louwers frank at student.rug.ac.be
Sat Nov 18 14:57:28 PST 2000

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 03:58:30PM -0500, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> If I'm understanding you correctly, by just adding (to 2.3) an IMAP-SSL option
> (with a value of imap/ssl) to the protocols choices menu, that's the only needed
> change to IMP? 2.3 will generate the connection string as
> {server/imap/ssl:port}mailbox with just that change - given all of the other
> stuff in place, it sounds like that's sufficient?

... if you have compiled your php against an SSL enabled source tree of

I have been running an old CVS version (from before the 2.2 release (i know, i
know, i should upgrade)) providing only pop over ssl and imap over ssl. 

Great to know that work on 2.3 is getting along. Any big changes/new features?

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