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Rich Lafferty rich at horde.org
Sun Mar 18 13:10:19 PST 2001

On Sun, Mar 18, 2001 at 12:59:40PM -0500, Chuck Hagenbuch (chuck at horde.org) wrote:
> Quoting Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org>:
> > With the new prefs code, I haven't yet had a chance to work the
> > password link into the interface again (it'll show up on the
> > Options screen when I do, though). This is known; I'll fix it
> > sooner or later. :)
> Okay... just to give everyone a heads up, the password changing
> stuff is going to have its permanent home in Gollem, so I just went
> ahead and moved it over there today, since it wasn't working in IMP
> anyway.

Er, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, contacts management is a
big job, so separating Turba out makes sense, especially because
that's all that Turba does. But do we want to tell people that they
have to install all of Gollem to enable their users to change the
password they use for email?

(Keeping in mind that offering webmail doesn't always (usually?) mean
offering anything *more* than mail...)


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