[horde] Page_Open problem (and I read the FAQ)

Todd Aiken taiken at ubishops.ca
Wed Apr 25 15:51:25 PDT 2001

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> Subject:        	Re: [horde] Page_Open problem (and I read the FAQ)
> I am running Redhat 7 and this is what I added to my php.ini file:
> include_path    = ".:/usr/local/phplib"
> auto_prepend_file       = "/usr/local/phplib/prepend.php3"
> Of course, wherever you put phplib will be different but the syntax the same.  
> It took me so many tries of using " instead of ' or no quotes at all.  Also, 
> don't forget to restart your webserver if php was compiled as a DSO.
> Try it and see if it works for you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH DOUG!  That's all it was.

Amazing how something like a simple quotation mark can drive you crazy for 
hours and hours!

Everything's working fine now.

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