[horde] Has anyone set up a top level login for horde?

Medemail gold at medemail.com.au
Wed Apr 25 19:07:35 PDT 2001

> Quoting Medemail <gold at medemail.com.au>:
> > Yeah, the option is there but the login.inc file that it uses is empty.
> > They've created the facility for you to write your own essentially (from
> > what I can see) but it's not actually been implemented at all.

> Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck at horde.org>
> I'm guessing you're looking at Horde 1.2/IMP 2.2? There's no Horde-level
> there. If you're getting into other modules, etc., you probably want to be
> looking at the development branch.

We've got Horde v1.2.4 and IMP v2.2.4

Thing is we're going to need to create a MedemailSession object that will
either extend HordeSession or IMPSession as we need to add a couple of extra
details for a pathology module we're adding so just using the IMP login
won't quite do it (damn it.)

Will horde handle a configurable session object with a top level login in
the future?  From what I can see at the moment it doesn't.

Well...  I'm stuck with having to do this at the moment anyway.  I'll keep
you posted with what I work out it you like.


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