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Fri Nov 23 12:36:25 PST 2001


    With Horde, IMP, Turba from CVS (HEAD), when I log in HORDE with
authentication done by IMP I have to log once in horde and once for IMP
and I have the following entries in my log for each login.

(1) [imp] Login success for user [x.x.x.x] to {localhost:143} [on line
50 of "..../horde/imp/redirect.php"]
(2) [imp] FAILED LOGIN x.x.x.x to localhost:143[imap] as user [on line
332 of "..../horde/imp/lib/IMP.php"]
(3) [imp] Login success for user [x.x.x.x] to {localhost:143} [on line
50 of "..../horde/imp/redirect.php"]

(1) Is when I log the first time
There is a delay after I click on login and I have the HORDE summary
(3) Is when I log to view my mail.

The first two line of horde/config/registry.php are uncommented.

If I select another application (Turba, Kronolith, NAG,...) before
loggin in, I just have to log once and I do not have the FAILED LOGIN.

I would like to know why I have the FAILED LOGIN and what I

Thank you for the good work.

Serge Grondin
Technicien en Informatique
Commission Scolaire des Bois-Francs
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