Login w/SSL

Quinn Wilson qwilson at midworld.org
Fri Nov 23 14:28:26 PST 2001

I made a change to Login.php so that it redirects to SSL for authentication 
but the rest of the session is over non-SSL. It works the way I want it to, 
kinda ( I would like to see the little "lock" in Netscape and IE ) I just 
wonder about the overall security of this little change I made. 

All I think I need running under SSL is the login, am I being stupid?

the change I made was :

Header('Location: ' .
        Horde::url($registry->link('auth/login', array('url' => Horde::url
($url, true))), true)


Header('Location: ' . 
        str_replace( "http:", "https:", Horde::url($registry->link
 array('url' => Horde::url($url, true))), true))

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