Japanese Localizations for Horde, IMP, Turba

B.J. Black William.Black at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 22 14:19:41 PST 2002

Hi all!

Sorry about the crosspost, but three messages for this didn't seem
quite right.

A tarball with .po files for Horde 2.0, IMP 3.0, and Turba 1.0
is available at http://www.d4f.com/~wblack/horde-ja.tar.gz with
localizations in...


I've also included diffs to put some positionals ("%1\$s" instead of "%s")
where word order changes.  This release is fairly early and probably has
some bugs, but that's the "release early, release often" mantra for you.
The other bummer is that the other locales will need positionalizing,
too, but that's not too tough (even if you're not a zh_TW-speaker :-).
Going forward, it may be a good idea to positionalize anything that
has more than one var in an sprintf (word order usually isn't an issue,
but it was in my case).

The .po files are in SHIFT_JIS, and need a fairly new msgfmt to deal with
them properly, and the standard make line in app/po won't quite cut it.
In my case, I've used GNU Gettext 0.11 and "msgfmt --statistics -o" sans
the rest of the stuff in the makefile. Once you've properly msgfmt-ed it,
even somewhat older versions of the gettext libs don't seem to have too
much of a problem with it.

Happy hacking!  B.J. Black, Contract Developer Sun Cobalt

P.S. If you have questions and can't reach me (this IS a contract gig),
please email Oren.Teich at sun.com

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