[horde] Seg Faults in Apache2 (Horde FrmWrk - CVS)

Rodolfo Segleau segleaur at mechanus.org
Wed May 22 21:44:27 PDT 2002

> One for the good guys :-)
Kudos for you pointing this one out. I was hestiant to move to PHP 4.2.1 since 
I wasn't sure if the support for Apache2 was any better than 4.2.1

> I haven't seen the IE error.  Are you able to see any pages?

Yes actually. I don't have an issue with RC2 (Horde, IMP, Turba and Kronolith). 
As I placed at the beginning, it's only certain apps that gives these errors. 
For example, when you first login (I have IMP doing the authentication), the 
first page it displays is "Cannot Display Page" error message from IE. But if 
you click on Mail below (in the Horde menu bar) then it brings up the INBOX 
without a complaint. If you click on Gollem, and put in the user/pass and click 
login, IE complains with the same page. If you click on Kronolith, it does the 
same thing. If I go into Administration to update the RSS files for Jonah, it 
gives the same error. If I try to update all the Jonah channels, it complains. 
All the files have been chmod'ed correctly and they're chown'ed so apache owns 
them. I can't find a reason why it does this. Though, it doesn't seg fault any 
more when those errors appear. 



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