[horde] Call for "hordized" 3rd Party apps...

Ryan Gallagher ryan at studiesabroad.com
Wed Aug 7 07:45:49 PDT 2002

This post is mainly to satisfy a curiosity of mine...

Have many other people added "pseudo" modules to horde in an effort to
consolodate lots of useful tools into one login/resource?

We've done a couple in the form of proxy passing, and two more as hacked php
tools.  If you have done some too please append your "apps" to the lists below
and include how you were authenticating (if at all).

Known to exist (full fledged):


Known to exist (kinda):

 * proxy pass to existing ColdFusion resources
    auth method:
    user verified with horde/imp (imp auths), 
    username passed to proxy app on a Win32/IIS box in URL and 
    bind tested against LDAP.

 * file broswer (read only, local shares) ... currently just a hack.
    auth method:
    user verified with horde/imp (imp auths), 
    carries over to php app.

 * Double Choco Latte (work-order/ticket/tracking sys)
    auth method:
    user verified with horde/imp, passes 
    credentials to app, verify against LDAP.

Wish List:

 * hacked MailMan auth (proxy pass), or hacked interface.
 * technical documentation portal (faqs, howtos, etc) for office env.
 * hordeized netsaint.
 * hordeized CUPS.
 * hordeized Webalizer interface.
 * BIG WISH: general LDAP browser walker of some kinda (yeep!)

Ryan T. Gallagher
ryan at studiesabroad.com
International Studies Abroad

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