[horde] horde & imp dists

Thomas van Vooren tvooren at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 13 11:52:19 PDT 2002

Repost of 29-9 (as nobody replied yet ;-)


Ok, I've been playing in the weekends with horde and imp (mostly) for two
weeks now, but some things get me confused:
I've checked out both head and stable rels for different setups on my
webserver and configured them successfully for most of the time, but what
I don't understand is that the basic architecture (just a name) of horde
between production rels and head are basically the same, but that the
stables are completely different from a configuration point of view. Why
is that? I would expect head to be the one to differ the most from
production, but now  I see that it is stable that differs completely?

Also, I am completely in the dark how I can setup horde to merely set it
up as a sort of mail 'container' in which I can have a sql login and just
collect mail from multiple servers into several (user defined) folders. Am
I using the wrong combo's? (I always user head horde with head imp and
stable horde with stable imp)... also, it seems from the docs and sql
scripts that sql login is gone from the stable release?

Can someone help me out on these thoughts?



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