[horde] Imp authorization and user maintenance

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun Dec 15 09:17:12 PST 2002

Zitat von Tony Earnshaw <tonni at billy.demon.nl>:

> Administration -> User administration
> Add users has been turned off
> Authentication back end
> User listing has been turned off
> User listing is not supported by back end authentication, or the
> function has been turned off for some reason
> _____
> "Back end" is MySQL. There is nothing wrong with my DB. If I don't use
> Imp for authentication (which otherwise works fine for everything), I
> can do user admin. Even if it's in Norwegian Nynorsk. User Horde can do
> it too, in US English.

Of course. If you let IMP do the authentication, the authentication backend
is IMP (actually your IMAP server), not MySQL. And IMP/IMAP doesn't allow
user administration.


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