[horde] Imp authorization and user maintenance

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Sun Dec 15 10:26:21 PST 2002

søn, 2002-12-15 kl. 18:17 skrev Jan Schneider:

> Of course. If you let IMP do the authentication, the authentication backend
> is IMP (actually your IMAP server), not MySQL. And IMP/IMAP doesn't allow
> user administration.

Eg er svært nøgd med svaret!

That seem logical to me and I'm very satified with the answer. I still
have to plough through reams of code to work it all out for myself. In
the mean time, I sometimes feel the need to to utter a cry for help.

That does seem to imply some loss of functionality, though. It might
seem a good idea to let administrators authorize with Horde and users
with Imp.

Never mind, it's all wonderful stuff.

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