[horde] Imp authorization and user maintenance

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Sun Dec 15 11:29:17 PST 2002

søn, 2002-12-15 kl. 20:03 skrev Chuck Hagenbuch:

> > That does seem to imply some loss of functionality, though. It might
> > seem a good idea to let administrators authorize with Horde and users
> > with Imp.

> So that administrators can manage users who aren't ever used?

No :-)

>  I think you 
> need a better understanding of how your IMAP server works.

Could be. I thought I knew. Better than I know Horde, obviously. That's
why I ask.

> Either that, or 
> you have your IMAP server authenticating against a database, in which case 
> you need to actually *tell* us that.

Actually, my IMAP server authenticates against an LDAP directory server
using ldaps. Perhaps that's the way to go.

Why do you post with headers that include emails with headers?




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