[horde] Fwd: Help installing.....Kronolith

Theresa M Peter theresa at email.uc.edu
Fri Jan 3 12:25:26 PST 2003

I have already sent this onto the kronolith list, but I figured I may as 
well send it out to these lists as well.

>I am currently evaluating kronolith to determine whether or not this is a 
>feature that we may want to offer in conjunction with Imp.
>However,  I am running into a problem.  I can't seem to get it to work.
>Currently I am running Horde 2.1, IMP 3.1 and Turba 1.1 with mysql as my 
>database backend.  I have installed kronolith according to the install 
>I have edited the kronolith/conf/conf.php file to include the mysql 
>driver, un-commented the example configuration for mysql and have entered 
>horde's password.
>I have edited horde/conf/registry.php and un-commented the application 
>registry for kronolith.  However, I do not see any entries for kronolith 
>in the "Handlers" area.
>When I go to www.mycomputer.com/horde/kronolith and login, the index.php 
>page is blank.
>What am I doing wrong??  If you need more information I would be more than 
>happy to provide it to you.

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