[horde] Red Hat 8.0/Authentication problem

Stephen Atkins satkins at maildrop.promo.skircr.com
Mon Jan 27 11:03:53 PST 2003

Hello all.  I'm having a problem logging into horde/imp using imap
authentication.  My mail program (Evolution) has no problem except I
need to configure postfix to put it in a imap dir and not general
mailbox but thats different issue.  Does anyone have a doc/how to/faq on
what steps are needed for RH8?

I did find one in the archives that said I needed to copy Log.php to
/usr/share/pear.  I did that and then enabled the log to /tmp/horde.log
(where everyone can write files for now) but it still gives me the error
writing to the log file.  The test.php says log is there.

If this is to vague let me know and I can post any additional info

Stephen Atkins
satkins at skircr.com

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